Where Can I Find Used Trucks for Sale in Montana?

Used cars for sale and even used trucks are becoming increasingly hard to find, so where can you find reliable and even cheap used cars for sale? Try a largely populated area like Bozeman, Billings, or Missoula, Montana! For example, you could simply search Google for terms like used cars Billings, used cars Bozeman, and used cars Missoula to find top used car dealerships nearby where you live.

Things to look for on a used car are:

  • Rust
  • Scratches in paintwork
  • Mileage on odometer and even other control units

Questions to ask are:

  • Is it a fair value on KBB, Autotrader, or Cargurus?
  • Do they deliver the car to your area?
  • How many owners has it had? Check the Carfax!
  • What are their reviews saying about them?


It is best to find a pre-owned car dealership that includes an extended service contact with their vehicles to protect your investment. Complimentary protection is going to be your best friend because this shows they stand behind the products they sell. Look for used car dealerships with one or more of the following: complimentary extended powertrain service contract, complimentary oil changes, roadside assistance, and even a money-back guarantees.

How About Certified Pre-Owned cars?

Certified pre-owned vehicles are combed through to the point where if there’s even a small discrepancy in their vehicle history, they won’t be awarded as a manufacturer certified vehicle. Each vehicle is sent through a rigorous inspection and even if the floormats are missing, they’re replaced. Normally, most car dealerships don’t bother to replace the floormats because it will increase the amount of money they lose on the sale, but certified vehicles are required as part of the certification. You’ll want to always make sure the vehicle you’re buying is a quality and safe investment, so you don’t lose money when you choose to trade up to your next purchase!