Due to the current automotive climate and the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, used car prices are not only higher than normal but skyrocketing. Multiple factors have slowed the production over time of new cars and dealerships around the world are finding it incredibly difficult to keep a sustainable inventory of new vehicles. Some factors are the inability of workers to show up for work at factories in the past year due to state regulations prohibiting working in close proximity to produce vehicles and parts. Now, those workers are returning to work since regulations are lifted and automakers are making more parts orders for their vehicles though those parts orders are delayed due to high demand of microchips in the technology and entertainment industry as well as now the automotive industry. Other interruptions include a Texas factory that makes seat foam for cars had to shut down due to a cold Texas winter causing the electricity to go out.

Why Are Used Car Prices High?

Therefore, new car production is behind, and inventory is low since new cars can’t replenish dealerships as fast as they used to. Usually parking lots at ports and railyards are filled with new cars waiting to be shipped, but unfortunately those are bone dry as well due to the lack of incoming vehicles from factories. Car dealerships are forced to turn to the used car market to keep sales up and since customers can’t buy new cars, they look to the used car market to find a vehicle hence the increased value of used cars and specifically used trucks. Now is a great time to sell your car and an even better time to get a great trade-in value if you actually find a car at a used car dealership you’d like to purchase.

Used Car Dealerships Near You

Used car dealerships like Kendall Auto Group are a great way to sell your car easy and quick while the used car market value is so high. Until the new car industry stabilizes, used car prices will stay high and make it so now is a great time to sell your car by doing some trading up or downsize your garage. Not only are Kendall Auto Group used car dealerships selling used cars for sale, but they also provide Kendall Auto Protection and Kendall home delivery to make the car buying process even easier and more stress-free than other stores. Kendall Auto Protection provides extended powertrain service contracts to qualifying used cars for sale near you, so if anything happens after you leave their used car dealership, you’re covered for a period to make sure all the kinks are worked out. Roadside assistance, free oil changes, and a 3-day money-back guarantee are also provided in case you change your mind. Find a used car dealership near you today and get on the road!