Best Used Ford SUVs Near Me

Are you looking for a new option for getting around your favorite parts of your state? From the daily commute to the weekend adventures, find your perfect next used Ford SUV. Shopping for the best used Ford SUVs near me can be difficult with so many amazing options! With options for 7 passenger seating, hybrid SUVs, and Eco Boost engines, you can find the perfect used SUV for all of your needs. Plus, even pre-owned Fords come with amazing options for technology and safety features. Whether you’re in search of a sport utility vehicle with plenty of seating for all of your adventure pals or packing in the kids, or an Eco Boost engine to ensure your daily commutes happen seamlessly and help the environment, you can find the best used Ford SUVs near me.

Pre-Owned Sport Utility Vehicles

We know how tricky it can be to find the perfect pre-owned sport utility vehicles for all of your needs. We’re here to help you assess your different options and break down the benefits of our top 5 best used Ford SUVs near you.

1. Ford Escape
The Ford Escape is a fantastic 5 passenger SUV. Powerful, but not too burly, this Ford SUV packs a punch and gives you a truly stylish ride all at once. Enjoy SYNC features with Bluetooth access, and even SIRIUS XM. Plus, with plenty of cargo space, you can be sure that your weekend getaways will have plenty of space to get you where you need to go.
2. Ford Expedition
The Ford Expedition is burly, spacious, and powerful. With 7 or 8 passenger seating options, and tremendous cargo space, you can pack all of the clowns in the clown car with room to spare! With an Automatic transmission and a 6 cylinder, 3.5-liter engine, this bad boy SUV packs a serious punch, while delivering all the space and seating you need.
3. Ford Explorer
Another 7 to 8 passenger seating SUV, this sleek and stylish Ford Explorer gives off a very sporty look and allows you the seating you want, without the truck-like feel of an Expedition.
4. Ford Edge
Amazing cargo space and seating for 5, this used SUV is slick, and perfect for packing up for a weekend adventure. With a similar power and drive to a Ford Explorer, but with additional cargo space, this Ford Edge is simple, adventurous, and stylish.
5. Ford EcoSport
The Ford EcoSport is the perfect SUV for a beginner driver, or someone looking for a sedan with a little more power. All-wheel drive, seating for 5, and Eco Boost options, this sporty and airy SUV is great for getting where you need to go, without the large size, but with all the same power.

Cheap Used SUVs

Whether you’re looking for a truck-like feel in your SUV like the Ford Expedition, or a small and sporty pre-owned sport utility vehicles like the Ford EcoSport, find your best cheap used SUVs that are perfect for every one of your needs. Find a Ford Dealer near you and shop amazing, affordable SUVs. No need to exploit your budget – find the best used Ford SUVs near you today and drive home in your next adventure vehicle!